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TeleTails Instant,
Curbside Care Reimagined
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Welcome to TeleTails Instant!

Getting Started with Curbside Care

Creating an Instant Account

Select the start icon or visit to create your account. This should only take a minute and is best done on a computer, although the system can be used both on a computer or on mobile devices via TeleTails App.

Logging into Instant

Instant is available on the web, as well as Apple & Android devices. When logging in to your existing Instant account on your phone or tablet, don’t forget to hit Sign In instead of Create a New Account.

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Starting a Session

On the web, select

Start Session.

From mobile, enter the client's cell number and hit Send Invite. Adding a name is optional, but it helps your team stay organized.

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Joining the Session

On both web and mobile, select the Join Session button next to the session you would like to join. 

That's it!

Completed sessions automatically resolve overnight. They will then be available in your completed session section for review.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to reach out to our support team below. 

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