TeleTails Instant

Curbside Care

Bring clients back into the exam room with Instant video.

 Keep staff safe & free phone lines.

TeleTails Instant

“TeleTails Instant has been a great way for clients to feel involved with their pet’s examination while they wait in the car. Clients have been very excited about this option, and we have found it to be easy to use.”

Marianne Bailey, DVM

Owner, Queenstown Veterinary Hospital

Veterinary teams can start a live video session in seconds.

Improve client contact during exams

connect with clients face-to-face via a video session with just one click and no downloads. 

Keep staff safe

Invite a client to an Instant video session to take patient history or deliver exam updates immediately.

Free up phone lines

No more busy signals! Use Instant on a computer or mobile device.


Ideal for curbside

drop-offs & rechecks.

Access your archived sessions and manage multiple users and consultations in one dashboard.

Instant Session Video.png