• Dr. Hilary Jones

3 Tips For Successful Digital Consultations

Digital consultations should be approached a little differently than in-office exams. Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure they are successful as possible.


When starting a video consult, try to be somewhere as quiet as possible, and preferably with a bit of good light. We recommend using a stand if using a phone or tablet. Your arms will get tired and shaky holding it up. If you wear a white coat in exam rooms, wear it during your digital consults. It reinforces the idea that this is a closer to a house call than a phone call. Remember, if needed, you can always hide your camera or mute your audio.

Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask your clients to help you outI You can have them turn the camera around, turn on their light, and you can guide them through lifting their pet’s lip or walking their pet back and forth.

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It can be easy to become distracted when on our phones or computers so make sure to be present your consultations. Make sure your clients have your entire focus and you aren’t being distracted by other things on your screen. Digital consultations have the potential to feel more distant or cold than in office exams. Be an empathetic, active listener. It may feel a bit like overkill at first, but it really makes a difference to your clients.

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