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Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Starting Consultations

In the TeleTails system, you interact with your clients through our consultation window. When a consultation is started, it opens a window where you can message, add attachments, or, as provider only, start a video call. Remember, just because the consultation is started then does not mean you need to start the video call immediately.

You, as a provider, can start a consultation with a client. You do this by selecting Start Consultation on your home screen. You are then able to search by either Client name or Pet name. You will be asked to enter a subject and a brief description. This will appear as the first message in the consultation window. This is useful for pre-schedule consultations like rechecks, or detailed follow up discussions.

Your clients can also start consultations with you. When they do, you and your team will receive an email, text, and pop-up notification on your device. The consultation will appear under Active Consultations on your home screen. Your support staff will be able to organize scheduling for you, whether that is a specific block of time or just an open spot in the schedule. What is really nice is that you don’t need to say a specific time like an in-person appointment but can give a range when you will be reaching back out. Then all you have to do is select the consultation and start the video call.

Adding Others to a Consultation

Once a consultation has been started, you can easily add additional participants, such as other doctors, techs, or administration. If you are using the web portal, click on Details. Here you can choose from a list of all the providers, both doctor and support staff in your practice. Click Add next to their name and you are all set.

From mobile, tap Participants in the upper right hand corner and select from a list of your practice members. To see who is already in a consultation, look at the profile photos in the upper left corner of your consultation. Your clients have the ability to add other members of their pet’s pack to a consultation as well.

By including your support team digitally, you will be able to free up some of your own time and empower your techs to be true partners in care. You will be able to delegate tasks, allow for additional client education and demonstrations, and make sure your staff knows the follow-up plan if a patient does need to come into the hospital. This improved digital communication will make it much easier for you, your team, and the pet’s family to all work together providing what is best for their pet.

Handing Off Consultations

TeleTails allows vets or your administration to reassign consultations if needed. Say you are going away for a few days, you have the ability within the system to reassign any active consultations to your covering doctor. Your practice manager or administrator can reassign any new consultations that come in while you are gone.

In the web portal, click on Details, then on the right-hand side under Provider click reassign and you can select from the practice list of vets. Easy as that!

Resolving Consultations

Once you have finished your video consultation with a client, you need to resolve the consultation to close it out and get paid! Do this by going to More (top right on the web and bottom right on mobile) and then selecting Resolve. At this time, you can add medical notes or tasks for the front desk as well. You can read more about that here. Once you tap Resolve, confirm the amount to be charged; it will be pre-populated with the estimated charge you entered earlier but is editable. The fee is broken down into the amount you get, the client-paid service fee, and the total charged to the client.

After a consultation is resolved, the front desk, billing, and the client will each receive summary emails. You have access to all your resolved consultations in the system and a summary pdf with video hyperlink will be linked to your patient’s record.

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