• Dr. Hilary Jones

Creating the Practice

Create your profile first

First you need to create your TeleTails account, which is very simple. You just need your name and an email address. The email address is not visible to clients and for log-in, internal communication purposes only.

Once you have created an account you will be able to create your practice. A practice can be created by a vet, a practice owner, a practice manager, or an administrator. The first person who creates the account with automatically become an administrator but you can always add or reassign that role later.

Creating a new practice in the TeleTails system

On your home screen you will see two boxes on the left hand side - Linked Practices and Create New Practice. Under Create A Practice, start by selecting the appropriate options, filling out your practice name and locations, and select Create Practice. Once created your practice will appear under Linked Practices and you will be given an auto-generated 6 digit code. This is the code you can share with your staff and clients to connect them with your hospital.

Adding Another Practice Location

Once you have created your first practice, you can easily add additional locations. On the web portal, navigate to the Practice tab, select Add New Location on the top right corner of the Practice Location box. On mobile, scroll down past Resolved Consultations to view your Practice Location. Tap Add New Location on the bottom right corner, then enter the relevant information.

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