• Dr. Hilary Jones

How to Explain TeleTails to Clients

Client service reps are on the front lines answering clients' questions, forwarding messages to the right people, and scheduling appointments. You are in a prime position to teach clients about the benefit of TeleTails and convert some of those questions into stand-alone digital consultations.

To be able to do that, let us give you some background. TeleTails enables a medical team to extend their relationships with clients beyond the walls of a practice. By offering virtual care, you can cut down on the callbacks and in-office recheck exams, allowing the medical team to better monetize their time and resources, all while deepening the relationship with your clients.

The clients are going to ask how this helps them. Great question! You should position it as closer to a house call than a phone call and a safer but just as convenient alternative to searching for their pet’s symptoms online. Below are some examples of ways you can explain Teletails to your clients:

  • We know it isn't always possible to come into the hospital; TeleTails gives you the opportunity to have a visit from the comfort of your own home.

  • TeleTails is a way for you to connect to the right people who understand your pet’s conditions, rather than Googling your concerns.

  • TeleTails gives you a chance to get your concerns addressed by a team that cares for your pet as much as you do.

We have a host of additional materials to help you from email templates to scripts and educational handouts.


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