• Dr. Hilary Jones

How to Roll Out TeleTails in Your Practice

Team Onboarding

This system works best when the entire team is involved, so, before you go live, everyone must know what their role will be and what to expect. Developing a draft protocol/SOP can help with this. Clearly, details may change once you start using the system and see how things are flowing. Don’t worry that when you start you are opening flood gates and will get overwhelmed before you are ready. It takes a bit for all your clients to learn about the system and begin adopting it. By the time they are all on board, you’ll be cruising.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for help developing a customized workflow for your hospital. We have training and materials available for each role.

Front Desk

Your client service representatives are going to play a vital part in your telemedicine team. They will be doing the bulk of educating clients and setting initial expectations.

They should be comfortable with the following prior to launch:

Platform Details

  • Where/how to download the system from the App Store/Google Play for clients

  • A high-level description of the system to explain all the great benefits to your clients

  • The different action items and notifications they will receive

  • How to use the Task List

Workflow Details (We can help with this!)

  • Converting appropriate phone calls and emails into stand-alone digital consultations

  • How you are going to incorporate/schedule consultations

Support Staff

Your technicians and back staff should be familiar with the same Platform and Workflow Details as the front staff. Additionally, they will be added to consultations by veterinarians.

Therefore, they should be comfortable with:

  • Joining a consultation

  • Starting, answering a video call


Veterinarians will be providing the bulk of the care digitally.

Consequently, they must understand the following:

Platform Details

  • Where/how to download the system from the App Store/Google Play for clients

  • Starting, Managing, and Resolving Consultations

  • How to send tasks to the Front Desk

  • How to attach medical records to a consultation

Workflow Details

  • Converting appropriate in-office exams, phone calls, emails to digital consultations

Client Education

As with introducing any new system, every member of the staff should be teaching your clients all the ways this new platform is going to improve their experience with your hospital. The front desk and support staff should be converting phone queries and emails to digital consults. We can provide you with some templates and base scripts to help them successfully do that. They can also talk the system up with clients during check-in/check-out or while they are waiting in your lobby. CSRs and Techs are often one of the more trusted members of the team by clients.

Veterinarians can use their appointments to recommend the system. One of the best ways to get clients comfortable with the system is to set them up for their recheck exam digitally. During the initial appointment, they can explain how the digital follow up will work, get them all set on the system, and scheduled before they leave the hospital. Surgery rechecks are perfect for this. When your client has a quick, easy, and successful first virtual consultations, they are going to think digital next time an issue comes up.


We provide a suite of email, web, and social materials branded to your hospital to help you reach your clients. This can include in-office flyers, guides or posters, email templates, blog content, and formatted photos/video for social. Depending on your bandwidth, we can provide materials, work with your in-house team, or even manage your telemedicine marketing for you.

Some simple tricks to help get you started include:

  • Adding a short blurb to the bottom of your receipts

  • Adding a description to your hold message

  • Adding a flyer to all your new patient, puppy/kitten packets

  • Adding a Telemedicine tab to your website, or including in under you services offered

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