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Medical Notes & Follow Up Tasks

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Once you have concluded a consultation, you have the option to include medical notes and administrative tasks with the resolution of a case. Medical records will get exported and linked to your patient’s file. Front desk tasks will appear on the Front Desk’s Task Dashboard and a notification will be sent to their email.

Medical Records

To attach a medical note, select “Attach Medical Record” either directly below the price input field or in the separate box below. You will have a place to enter a Subject and then a free form Description field. This is an excellent place for a summary, pertinent findings, or your differential diagnoses. This information will be linked as a pdf to your patient’s medical record. You will also be able to see it within the system when you view your resolved consultation.

Front Desk Tasks

Attaching a task is very similar to adding a Medical Record. Select “Attach Task” directly below the price input field or in the separate box below. Then select from the Subject drop-down menu: Follow up; Medications; Schedule; or customize your own. Any information you enter here will appear as a Task on the Front Desk Task Dashboard. They will get a system notification and email alerting them there is a new task. Once completed, you will be notified that the job has been completed.

You can watch a walkthrough of the whole process below.

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