• Dr. Hilary Jones

Participating in Consultations

In the TeleTails system you interact with clients through our consultation window. Consultations can only be initiated with veterinarians but you will be added to active consultations as needed.

Joining Consultations

When you are added to a consultation, you will receive an email, text, and pop-up notification on your device/computer. The consultation will appear under Active Consultations on your home screen and when selected, a window will open where you can message, add attachments.

Adding Others to a Consultation

Once you are participating in a consultation, you can easily add additional participants such as other technicians, veterinarians, or administrators.

If you are using the web portal, click on Details. Here you can choose from a list of all the providers, both doctor and support staff in your practice. Click Add next to their name and you are all set.

From mobile, tap Participants in the upper right hand corner and select from a list of your practice members. To view consultation members, look at the profile photos in the top left corner of your consultation. Your clients can add other members of their pet’s pack to a consultation as well.

Your Role in Consultations

Veterinarians may add you to consultations for a few reasons, but the big one is to introduce you for help with follow-up. This may include a digital demonstration or further client education regarding a topic discussed during the consultation, or if in-hospital care is required, letting you know the plan for their arrival.

Other vets may add you as soon as the consultation has begun and ask you to get a digital history before they start a video consultation.

The more your practice gets comfortable with digital, the more your role will grow.

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