• Dr. Hilary Jones


It’s great that you have full flexibility for charging within the system, but how much do you charge? We’ve broken it down a few ways for you.

Stand Alone Consultations

We have found there is a real willingness to pay from clients when it comes to video consultations. During regular business hours, you can charge just a 10-15% discount to your in-office exam fee. If you are offering after-hours care, you can charge a premium.

Recheck Exams

If you offer complimentary surgical or other follow up exams, you can continue to provide these free of charge digitally. You enter $0 as your estimate. You also have the option to offer a paid recheck as well. Again, a 10-15% discount to your recheck exam fee will be no problem.

Digital Driven In-Office Exam

During your video consultation, you’ve determined your client and their pet need to come in for an exam and additional diagnostics. How do you charge them now? We recommend you charge them for the digital consultation and then credit them a portion of that towards a specific “Digital follow up exam”. This way, you are still valuing the time you spent with them during the video call but not making it prohibitively expensive. If your video call was very short, you could always use your discretion to zero it out.

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