• Dr. Hilary Jones

Provider FAQs

How do you get clients to pay for something they have been getting for free?

Your clients are getting so much more with telemedicine! The real value and willingness to pay comes from live video. Clients see these video calls closer to a house call than a phone call. The convenience, higher quality of information you can provide, and ease of use all make it worthwhile to your clients. Now they don’t have to spiral down into a Google/message boards black hole!

Have additional questions on pricing - see Pricing.

Do I have to be on-call all the time now?

Absolutely not! As a provider, you can decide when you want to be available and what your clients should do when you aren’t. With the whole practice onboard, consults can be managed by support staff and quickly reassigned to other vets if needed.

Have additional questions on managing your schedule - see Consultations.

What happens if I can’t diagnose the problem during our video call?

Not every condition can be solved with a digital consultation - that’s ok! You were still able to educate your client, develop a game plan, and give them some peace of mind knowing what comes next. Each time you get to connect with your client is another time you are building trust and reinforcing their bond.

Have additional questions on uses - see Rolling out TeleTails.

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