• Dr. Hilary Jones

Teaching Clients about TeleTails

Educating clients is already such a massive part of your job. Our goal here is to make this easier for you and everyone else on the medical team. You often spend more time than the veterinarians working one on one with clients, therefore, when you recommend something, clients are going to listen. With this, you have an opportunity to convert many of the phone calls and emails you filter into stand alone digital consultations. We’ll provide you some tips and templates with things to say to make this happen.

One of the best ways to get clients comfortable with the system is to set them up for a recheck exam digitally. During check in or discharge, you can explain how the digital follow up will work, get them all set on the system, and scheduled before they leave the hospital. Surgery rechecks are perfect for this. When your client has a quick, easy, and successful first virtual consultations, they are going to think digital next time an issue comes up.

Save her a trip with a video recheck appointment!

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