• Dr. Hilary Jones

Welcoming Staff Members Digitally

When a veterinarian or technician creates an account they will request to join your practice either through your customized code or through the search feature. The practice manager or anyone with administrator privileges will need to confirm them in the system. You will see all requests on your home page and just need to select confirm and, if you have multiple locations, assign them to the correct practice.

Home screen with new request to join your practice

Creating the Front Desk Account

Once your practice has been established on the system, you will want to create Front Desk accounts. There is one account per practice location. Multiple people can be signed in with one log-in simultaneously. Creating accounts is easily done from your main dashboard window. All you need is the email address and a password. This email address will be used for log-in, as well as, all front desk specific notifications and task.

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