You're booked!
You should receive a calendar invite to your email on file with login information. Please reach out to for assistance.

A couple of notes in advance of our session. Please review this carefully:

• We will begin by working indoors and in a low-distraction environment. Your dog will likely learn best if you provide a little exercise and a bathroom break before our session.

• You will receive a video access link in your calendar invite. We will start on time. We've designed our programs to be highly personalized and focused. To get the most out of our time, we need to make sure we stick to our scheduled time slot. Please join 10 minutes prior to reduce the chance of any technology-related disruptions.

• Please join the session from a computer, if possible. Being hands-free lets us move into view during hands-on activities.

• Please have your pet’s leash nearby, along with some high-value treats for positive reinforcement. If they are large, try to break them up into pea-sized pieces.

A cartoon representation of a virtual pet care consultation.