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Work with a licensed dog trainer from home to meet your goals.

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Here’s how it works

30 minute training

Session duration is optimized for maximum training effectiveness.

Live appointments with top trainers

Personalized one-on-one video sessions with compassionate dog trainers.

Completely custom sessions

Each session is tailored to address the key concerns you and your dog face.


We focus on what matters most for your dog’s training


Deepen your bond with your pet with recall training. Enjoy worry-free off-leash play as your pup responds to your call.

Leash Walking

Discover how to guide your dog to walk by your side, stay attentive in any environment, and handle distractions.

Seperation Distress

With proper training, your dog can learn to remain calm and relaxed when you're not around.

Problem Areas

Excessive barking, counter-surfing, or reacting to sounds - these challenges can disrupt your household.

Puppy Training

We'll help you with puppy development: house training, socialization, skill development, and problem prevention.

Basic Training

Get ready for some skills! Sit, lie down, stay, leave things alone, come when called, or walking nicely on a leash.

What pet parents are saying    

Arafel - Mulligan’s Mom
June 2024
Nora - Belly’s Mom
June 2024
Kelsey - Margot’s Mom
Oct 2023

No more feeling overwhelmed by your dog!

TeleTails connects you with a licensed dog trainer with more than 10 years of experience so that you can start training right from the comfort of your home and, more importantly, your dog’s home too. Our private training will completely transform your dog’s behavior!

The most affordable private sessions availabe
Prime timeslots without leaving the house
No commitments. Guaranteed results
Access to top certified dog trainers

Trusted and developed by leading experts

Training is only one aspect of a dog’s overall well-being. Exercise, socialization, and proper nutrition are all connected to behavioral and health issues. We’re the first training company to develop our training approach with a team of leading animal behaviorists and a leading Human Animal Bond - certified veterinarian.

Kristen VanNess

Animal Behaviorist, KPA CTP, Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

Dr. Hilary Jones

Human Animal Bond Certified Veterinarian

In-Person Training
Expensive! Private training can cost $200 or more
Booked weeks in advance (if you’re lucky)
Follows a set path
Travel to meet your trainer
Save hundreds with sessions starting at $54
Same-day appointments and evening slots available
Fully customized to focus on your challenges
Just a click away with our video sessions

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Pick your plan

One, four or six sessions. The packs come with discounts and perks!

Schedule your first session

You’ll be able to book your training directly from your TeleTails portal using the credits you purchase below.

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A private training session with on of our expert dog trainers.

A 30-minute private video session with our Head Trainer, Kristen
A portal where you can book your sessions.
A lesson designed just for your pup’s need.
There’s no set agenda or checklist before we understand your goals

Includes 6 private training sessions, tracking, health AND free trick training

Save 20% when you buy a six-pack of training sessions!
Six 30-minute private video session with our Head Trainer, Kristen.
BONUS: 24/7 access to veterinary telehealth from a team of in-house vet pros.
ADDITIONAL FREE trick training private class! Have you ever wanted to have a "trick dog"?

Hear what Rosie’s mom had to say

   We want to thank Kristen at TeleTails for all the great tips/strategies, but especially for helping us manage Rosie's reactivity. Kristen provides coaching on positive reinforcement of desired outcomes as a means of managing challenging behaviors and situations. She is knowledgeable, professional, and caring. Highly recommend! During our most recent session, Kristen joined us (remotely) on a short walk through the neighborhood. We enjoyed seeing and sharing how much progress Rosie was making!"

Annalisa - Rosie’s Mom