New To TeleTails? Start Here!

Welcome to TeleTails!

We are excited to help you connect with your local veterinarian. Follow the steps below to get started for the first time.

If you need additional help with any of these steps, or contact us at

This video below will walk you through the entire process.


Step 1: Download

Please make sure to download the TeleTails app from the App Store or Google Play to your smartphone or tablet. Please make sure you allow TeleTails to send notifications and access your camera and microphone. 

Step 2: Create Your Account

Create your TeleTails account. You will need to enter your name, email address, and state of residence. Once you are signed in, please verify your phone number.

Screenshots of setting up your TeleTails account

Step 3: Add Your Provider

Enter the provider code given to you by your veterinary team under Add New Provider and tap Search, then select the Location. If you don’t know their code, ask using the Contact TeleTails button.

How to add a provider

Step 4: Add Your Pets

Tap the blue Add Pets button and enter your pet’s information and a cute photo!

Adding a pet to your TeleTails account

Step 5: Request a Consultation

At the top of your home screen, your will see the name of veterinary team’s practice. Tap Request Consultation. Read the message that pops upfrom the practice , tap Agree & Continue.

Initial welcome message from your provider
Emergency triage questions on TeleTails

Pick which pet (if you have multiple) will the subject of the consultation. You will then be prompted to answer two emergency triage questions.

TeleTails consultations are not intended to be used for life-threatening emergencies.

If you do not have credit card information saved, please enter a credit card. You will not be charged by your provider until the end of your consultation and you will receive an estimate prior to any charges.

Screenshots showing the final steps of requesting a consultation on TeleTails

Lastly, you will be asked to enter a brief summary of your concerns. Then tap Request Consultation in blue. You only need to tap once. You will know it has been successfully received when you now see a chat-based  window. 

Screenshots of TeleTails chat window

Step 6: Join the Video Consultation

Once you have requested your consultation, it will open in a chat-based window. The consultation will also be visible under Active Consultations on your home screen.

The first message you see in the chat window will be your description from the consultation request. Your provider will be able to respond directly with chat messages or invite you to join a video a call.. Your provider may not respond immediately to your request.

Screenshot of TeleTails Home Screen

If a video consultation is appropriate, you will hear back from your provider or the staff to arrange a time that works for everyone. Once your provider has started the video call, you will get a notification on your phone or tablet. All you will have to do is tap Join Video Call. Please make sure you allow TeleTails access to your camera and microphone otherwise your provider will not be able to see or hear you!

Notifications to Join a Video Call on TeleTails