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Congratulations on adding a new family member! We know you’re excited about life with your new puppy. We also know it can be overwhelming to develop a new routine.

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When to start
training a puppy.

Puppies experience their primary socialization period up to 14 weeks of age. While they can learn at any stage, the early experiences will have a significant positive impact. Now is the time to start creating good habits that will last a lifetime.

You may not know where to begin. That’s perfectly okay. We can start with a video session to outline your pet’s needs and a few goals, along with some best practices for puppies during each life stage. We will walk you through a lesson specifically tailored to your goals. We do this by being focused on a specific topic, with hands-on exercises and actionable help during every step of the process.

After a session, you will come away with more information about your puppy’s development timeline, specific exercises, and hopefully a game plan. You will have resources developed from the session itself, as well as articles/education tips that can help

Our puppy
training approach.

Our philosophy is to give you the best help you can in bite-sized pieces. Our team will help you with reward-based training strategies that are personalized for you and your puppy, not just for the “average” puppy.

Each pet is unique. Here’s one example.

Create your training plan

Session 1: Come when called (with a focus on speed and motivation).

Session 2: Come when called continued, adding distance and distractions.

Session 3: Focus on sit & stay, making sure we keeping all those paws still!

Session 4: Continuing stay training while the pet parent moves away and does household tasks (a previous pain-point).

Not ready to start training?

No worries, here are some resources

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