New Year, New Dog
January 23, 2024

New Year, New Dog: Drop It - An Essential Safety Skill

Teaching your dog to "drop it" and to "leave it" aren't just useful skills to have, they can be essential skills to keep your pup safe! Learning to drop or leave it can prevent exposure to toxins or other gross things that could make your dog sick. In this week's module learn how to start teach these skills and discover some common toxins so you know what to avoid.

Dog who needs a leave it cue

Drop it vs. Leave it

We can use a “Leave It” to encourage your dog away from something they can’t have. A “Drop It” will help your dog to spit out an item they have already picked up. This might be dropping a toy so that play can resume or you might need to ask your puppy to let go of your favorite scarf or litter they picked up.

This week we’ll work on the very first step of both skills.

We'll Leave These Here

Check out our additional resources on Leave It here.  And come back next week for week five - a come when called can replace a Leave It for most dogs.


Things to Drop: Common Toxins in Dogs


Cannabis toxicity is on the rise. With the growth of edibles and gummies, exposure is coming in lots of forms. Learn the signs of THC toxicity and when it's time to see your veterinarian. Remember, your vet just wants to help your pet, they aren't going to judge!

Other Common Toxicities

Marijuana isn't the only plant to avoid. Check out our resources on common house plants and other toxins.

Get Caught Up

This is part of our New Year, New Dog series. Check back next week for beginning come when called training and emergency preparedness.