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Plenty of time to get it right. But at the end of the day, everything we do will be customized for you.

We focus on your pet's unique needs.

Our private online training sessions are specifically designed for you and meant to address your pet’s problem issues. With 20-minute training sessions over live video, you’ll get access to a convenient, effective, and cost-effective way to train your pup!

Virtual sessions can be a productive and rewarding experience for you and your furry friend. Dogs learn best in a comfortable and familiar environment. Training at home allows you to address specific behaviors unique to your dog's personality and lifestyle.

With a personalized approach, a comfortable environment, and flexibility in scheduling and pacing, you can effectively address your dog's unique needs and behaviors while building a stronger bond and communication between you and your pet.

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Our comprehensive
training solutions.

Puppy Training

Our training sessions shape your puppy's understanding of the world and help create an optimistic outlook toward people and environments. And by using positive reinforcement techniques your furry friend quickly adjusts to their new home and routine, setting the foundation for a happy and obedient pet.

Basic Training

Our basic training sessions cover essential skills like walking, stay, come, door manners, and more. You'll build better communication with your furry friend and develop practical skills for day-to-day life with your pet that last a lifetime.

Problem Training

Whether your furry friend is over-excited or afraid in certain situations, we can create a customized plan to address the issue. We will help you create a plan and practice exercises for your pet to become happier and more relaxed in over-stimulated situations.

Why us?

Training is only one aspect of a dog's overall well-being. Exercise, socialization, and proper nutrition are all connected to behavioral and health issues. We're the first training company to develop our training approach with a team of leading animal behaviorists and a leading Human Animal Bond-Certified Veterinarian.

Kristen VanNess

Kristen VanNess
Animal Behaviorist, KPA CTP, Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

Dr. Hilary Jones
Human Animal Bond
Certified Veterinarian

Dr. Hilary Jones
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100% personalized training for your pet.

Many training programs will walk you through a series of pre-recorded sessions or online group classes. That’s great! If you have the time and find the proper lessons that fit your pet’s needs. But we know that a standardized curriculum just doesn’t work for all pets.  

We take a unique approach to dog training. We only need to spend time on topics relevant to you with our customized, bite-sized virtual training (no more than 20 minutes each) that give you actionable insights and helpful tips to deepen your bond with your pet.

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What's a session like?

Whether you complete one or buy a pack, you will come away with actionable insights and drills to improve a behavior.

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A cute tan dog
Sam was a runner when she was off-leash.

Apparently running through the park yelling at Sam was straining the pet/parent relationship. So we started with teaching Sam how to come when called and provided a framework for future exercises.

We used specific games to teach Sam to focus on her parents, with an activity to teach her to turn back quickly, one to come close enough for her parents to leash her, and another activity to come with speed. Sam’s parents were able to add a come signal and moved onto practice with controlled distractions. 

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Buster was recently adopted! But he was feeling the excitement and loved to pull his parents down the street.

Session 1: We experimented with reward strategies for the neighborhood environment and we taught Buster to follow his parents.

Session 2: In this lesson we spaced out rewards and refined technique for real-world applications.

Session 3: We went outside and added a few more distractions. We even tested our progress with Buster’s local nemesis…his neighbor’s holiday display.

A cute black dog
Kevin’s new sibling was causing some stress.

Kevin’s mom recently had her second child. Kevin, apparently, was taking his older brother sibling duties very seriously. So seriously that he would stress out anyone approached the stroller.

So Kevin’s mom and her oldest (human) child competed a virtual session. We were able to work through ways to help Kevin enjoy his outings, not get overwhelmed, and see approaching strangers an opportunity instead of a threat.

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