Deepen your customer relationships with online pet care.

TeleTails helps innovative pet care companies attract and retain customers with custom-branded veterinary telehealth and online dog training.

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Going to the vet every time a question comes up can be too costly and time-consuming.

80% of pet parents are looking for more personal care.

You can build brand loyalty by giving pet parents a resource they can trust and access on their own.

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Teletails helps you

Win new customers and keep your current ones happy and engaged with your brand.

It feels like you have a vet team

We do it by offering virtual pet care consultations with our in-house team of caring pros.

24/7 care, 365 days a year
Vet care and/or dog training
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What pet parents have said

Positive Lift for Partners

I'm so glad I signed up for this!!! It's late at night and needed advise! Best decision I've ever made.

Insurance Partner Customer

I loved the feedback & care I received. It was very informative & I look forward to using the service again!

eCommerce Company Customer

Thanks for your time and effort. You have been so helpful. I'm so appreciative of this feature with...

D2C Food Company Customer

Our Offerings

Vet and training help, 24/7

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Virtual care available 24/7, 365 days a year.
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Chat and video consults with a team of in-house pros.
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Live 1x1 dog training with expert dog trainers.

Making your brand unique in the eyes of your customers.

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Show, Don't just tell

Brand Authority

Your branding may say your products are healthy, produced with vet oversight, backed by fancy organizations, etc. And now you can prove it by offering veterinary access directly.

You'll be more trusted

Brand Trust & Authenticity

Vet pros and trainers all tucked under your brand: your customers will thank you for the peace of mind our care brings.

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Our pets are family

As pet parents, we prioritize products that will improve the health and happiness of our pets. We’ve never had so many products to choose from.

Can we trust that a brand will support our pet’s well-being? This question has been a marketing challenge for pet brands until now.

We built TeleTails for brands that want to demonstrate a commitment to pet health by integrating vet and training services into their customer experience. Our brand partners want to show pet parents they have their back.

We're here to help.

- Clay
CEO, TeleTails

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A Case Study: Working with The Dodo

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Introducing DodoVet

TeleTails partnered with The Dodo to create a convenient, empathetic, and trustworthy service where pet parents can get expert veterinary and behavioral advice — anytime, anywhere.

How we’ve helped our pet brand partners.

We implemented virtual consultations into their post-purchase flow to improve diet transitions, including transition timelines, feeding calculations, and what to expect on the new diet.

D2C Dog Food Company

By supplying an in-house veterinary team for this insurance partner, we were able to safely & conservatively help reduce unnecessary late-night ER vet visits.

Insurance Partner

We provided our white-label solution as an add-on for one of their upsells. We linked directly to their Shopify store for customer convenience and technical ease.

eCommerce Partner

Add veterinary and training services to your customer experience.

Connect with TeleTails’ team

Created by a team of vets and dog trainers.

Fully customizable and responsive

Custom-branded online pet care for your brand

24/7 access to your own team of vet pros.

Content and resources to show you care about pet health & happiness.

Deepen customer relationships
with online pet care.

100,000+ pet parents trust TeleTails
How can we help your brand?

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