New Year, New Dog
January 29, 2024

New Year, New Dog: Strengthen Your Dog's Recall with Come Training

Improving your dog's recall or come when called skills can allow your dog additional freedom to explore and can also help keep them safe in case of emergency. In our final week of the New Year, New Dog series, we'll walk you through a fun come training came and brush up on some in case of emergency prep tips for your pets.

Dog running back to family after being called

Teaching Your Dog to Come When Called

Imagine your dog running across a field towards you, into your arms with the sun setting and music playing.  You can achieve this reality!

This week we have a quick training game to give your dog practice running your direction.

There are lots of ways to teach your dog recall but they are share one thing - lots of practice to make them stick! Check out some additional come when called resources below.

Emergency Pet Preparedness

While we hope we will never need to, the time to think about what to do with your dog in a emergency, is before it happens! Making sure your dog has skills like "leave it" and "come" down can help you keep your dog safe in emergency. Whether it is their leash breaks on a walk or you need to quickly evacuate an area, knowing what to do is so important.

There are a few other things to consider when making your emergency plan for your pets. Make sure to: